Compare Student Broadband Deals

student-broadbandJust become a student? or need to get broadband for your halls or room?

Then you need the best student broadband package to fit your small budget.

  • Reasonable usage caps
  • Free setup & router
  • Able to Bundle TV, Phone & Broadband packages
  • Low contract length

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Student broadband tips

The majority of students need a reliable broadband connection to do their coursework as well as watch videos, download music and Skype family. Comparing the best student broadband packages is relatively simple.
We would recommend you get the best package for your budget, many broadband packages start from as little as £2.99 with a 20-30Gb download allowance, with many offering 6 months FREE for new customers.

Top Student Broadband deals

Phone & Broadband Deals

Broadband + weekend calls 10Gb Upto 16Mb Weekend calls
£10.00 per month + £15.45 line rental
Broadband essentials + Weekend 10Gb Upto 16Mb Weekend calls
£5.99 per month + £14.50 line rental
Broadband + off peak calls Unlimited Upto 14Mb Eve & Weekend calls
£5.00 per month + £14.00 line rental
Broadband Unlimited + Talk weekend Truly Unlimited Upto 14Mb Weekend calls
£10.00 per month + £14.50 line rental

Phone Broadband & TV Deals

Sky entertainment + broadband lite + Talk weekend Upto 2Gb per month Upto 14Mb 315 Channels
£21.50 per month + £14.50 line rental
Essential collection Unlimited Upto 30Mb 134 Channels
£13.00 per month + £14.99 line rental
Youview vision + Broadband + Calls Unlimited Upto 16Mb 80 Channels
£5.99 per month + £15.45 line rental
Broadband + TV + Evening & Weekend calls Unlimited Upto 60Mb 134 Channels
£27.00 per month + £14.99 line rental

Student Broadband Guide

The majority of students will need a fast and reliable broadband connection, for studying and course work as well as keeping in touch with friends and family.

There are a number of student broadband deals which offer a fast and reliable connection, but at a fair price, follow our student broadband tips:

  • If you are moving in to halls, the university will probably already have some sort of student broadband network, so check before you buy
  • If in a house share, then look to combine resources and go for the right package
  • Download speeds need to be high, especially if your course require online study or large files to download
  • Monthly usage caps also need to be considered, cheap broadband deals, usually have a limit on usage, so make sure everyone in the house is aware.
  • Talk to your housemates about there needs as well

As always, compare the best student broadband deal you can afford, it is easy to add on TV Channels etc, but if your out all day at lectures (the student union bar) then save your money.